View Full Version : Grafloc and Graflex back?

25-Jun-2000, 17:14
Are the deepth of the film holders(from border to the film surface) different be tween grafloc and graflex back ? Can I just re-shape the film back of grafloc an d use it on graflex back? Or the otherway arround?


Doug Paramore
25-Jun-2000, 23:06
Noodou, can you be a little more specific about what you want to do with the backs? I can't quite understand what you are trying to accomplish. Surely someone on this forum will be able to answer your question.

26-Jun-2000, 13:16
It's not easy to find the film holders for graflex(or it's called graphic type) type of film back this days, espacially for 5x7 format. I am thinking if I can modify some the of grafloc type of film holder and use them on the graflex(graphic) type of film back. But I am not sure that if the focuse plate(surface) on these two different type of film backs are the same or not. It means if I need to thiner tha grafloc type of film holder a bit or I need to add a spacer on it?

Bruce Gavin
26-Jun-2000, 16:19
I believe the graflok back entire assembly might replace the obsolte graflex back. My opinion about cutting and reshaping is that you will wind up with nothing that works correctly.

Entire graflok backs are sold fairly regularly on eBay. Another method of obtaining one would be to buy a junker Graphic just for the back.