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Mark Barnes
4-Jun-2007, 15:00
The aperture blades in the barrel of my 14" lens are stuck at wide open (f9). I used contact cleaner but they refuse to budge. The lens is a 14" apo geragon. It is a modern lens and barrel. I noticed that the f stop numbers have disappeared (the contact cleaner I'm sure). I wish to regain full aperture use. I am looking for suggestions on how to resolve this problem

John Kasaian
4-Jun-2007, 15:26
Send it to Carol Miller at Fluotot's Camera.

Bob Gentile
4-Jun-2007, 16:15
Have to agree with John -- Carol at Flutot's (http://www.flutotscamerarepair.com/). When you consider her prices, it's crazy not to send it to her.