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3-Jun-2007, 11:16
I have to admit as fun as a dark red/ black room is I tend to amuse myself with music books and alcohol as the jobo spins onwards.

Does anyone have any other handy time wasting tips?

3-Jun-2007, 11:27
I have my laptop on near-constantly.

Or music.


3-Jun-2007, 14:58
I would be a laptop boy too, although my battery is in dire need of replacing 5 mins or less now :-(

3-Jun-2007, 14:59
damn. my ibook is only a year and a bit old. the battery lasts for a few hours. :)

Ole Tjugen
3-Jun-2007, 15:23
I use a metronome to time exposures, so music is out when I'm printing.

But if I tray develop film, I time the development with Eric Satie's "Gymnopedies". :)

3-Jun-2007, 17:00

3-Jun-2007, 17:36
My powerbook is just on it's last legs, The best bit though is the bend in the chassis from the metal frame of a seat on the plane to toronto, don't put laptops in aircraft seat pockets when big fat women are sitting in front. Although still works and has enough grunt to edit and do postproduction video.

Sorry totally off-topic. I am a geek :D

3-Jun-2007, 17:38
I use a metronome to time exposures

So 4/4 3/4 or 7/8 timing ? 7/8 is always fun although 5/4 is a bit more driven swing for the step

John Kasaian
3-Jun-2007, 18:58
No Jobo but I use a Unicolor on the kitchen counter (I load the drum in the dark/bath room however) While the churn is turning, an ice cold beer in the summer or a good red wine in the winter is certainly an option, accompanied by a good cd (if my bride isn't watching "curb appeal" "flip that house" or "design on a dime" on cable since our kitchen opens up to the living room) The other evening when my son and I were home alone I spent two solid hours making number faces with my 6 year old in near perfect silence---no tv, video games or Hannah Montana music---only the giggles of a six year old. It was bliss :)

Ole Tjugen
3-Jun-2007, 23:28
So 4/4 3/4 or 7/8 timing ? 7/8 is always fun although 5/4 is a bit more driven swing for the step

Only the pedestrian 60 beats per minute. Don't know why I bother really - I can do 60 bpm for 10 minutes without a metronome, and be less than a second off at the end...

4-Jun-2007, 10:08
I pay attention to what I'm doing (probably because while it's satisfying, it ain't fun).

4-Jun-2007, 13:18
I do listen to music - but I am always busy - there really are no minutes that I am not hands on with something - I do enjoy my time in there - Of course it is a new darkroom - just finished and the pain of using the tiny old closet is still fresh in my mind as I enjoy the spacious new digs. I am also always concentrating on ways to improve the processes.

Don Wallace
6-Jun-2007, 09:57
But if I tray develop film, I time the development with Eric Satie's "Gymnopedies". :)

Ole, me too. But I use the version orchestrated by Debussy because I think it handles the highlights better. :D

7-Jun-2007, 03:26
One that is sublime for background noise to lull the silence is the Beethoven 24 stretch. (http://www.notam02.no/9/)
As one note contains over a minute of sound strings sweep into each other. Pretty much an amazingly good concept of relaive simplicity and a good use of modern tools with a classical standard.

As far as I remember I wrote my research papers in university on cause and effect scenarios for motion tracking, aimed at teaching severly handicapped children.
Anyone who needs a quick overview before clicking the link. The artist time-stretched the 9th symphony to a full 24 hours without changing the pitch just the duration. Thus creating a never attacking or decaying string sound.

John Berry
7-Jun-2007, 22:37
Since my ( mental ) film breaks quite often. I try to stay on task. It's easier when you develop by inspection. If I used a JOBO and did other things, it would probably still be turning the next day. Printing is by Tom Waits or Ray Willie Hubbard.

8-Jun-2007, 07:02
Listens to:
John Coltrane
Pat Metheny
Black Sabbath
and David Bowie (when I am f*ing up!)

when in the dark bathroom.

Andrew O'Neill
8-Jun-2007, 08:06
Rock 101 FM station from Vancouver, BC that plays only classic rock for when I'm developing film and absolutely no music when I'm printing.

8-Jun-2007, 08:21
Hmm last night was just 2 litres of cheap cider on the safe chemical free side and a CD of 80's electro.

Today I have some pictures, a sore head and Whip It by Devo constantly stuck in my silence. :D

Jim Rice
10-Jun-2007, 06:50
I'm with John except that Tennessee whiskey replaces the wine.

10-Jun-2007, 07:38
fhovie - my darkroom is gonna be about 1/5 the size of that, and it has to fit a Beseler CB-7, two small format enlargers, and all my developing and processing stuff! I'm quite envious of you :D

Randy H
10-Jun-2007, 07:53
Classical music and ice cold tequila. (Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" and Two Fingers are favourites) Gotta be careful though. After a few too many tequilas, you don't want to inadvertantly pick up the bottle of stop bath and take a shot. Or try and use tequila for fixer.

10-Jun-2007, 08:03
I hear that if you use neat tequila for developer, all your shots come out a little blurry and a lot sexier...