View Full Version : Yellowstone LF Suggestions

Eric Jamison
30-Jun-1998, 18:09

I will be visiting Yellowstone National Park in a few weeks and am looking for s ome suggested locations for LF photography. I have been there before but concent rated mostly on wildlfe photography with the 35mm. This time I hope to spend mor e time using the 4x5 for landscape work. Besides the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone , Old Faithful, the Tetons, any other suggestions?



QT Luong
30-Jun-1998, 18:27
The smaller thermal features of yellowstone are wonderful. For some inspiration, check out the picture book "Yellowstone, the cycle of the seasons" published by Sierra Press (this will be easy to find in the visitor centers). Some of my favorites were Mamooth Terraces (morning), the Great Prismatic Spring (mid-day), the Fishing Cone and thumb area (sunrise and morning), Norris geyser basin (sunr ise and morning), the upper geyser basin (sunset).