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2-Jun-2007, 16:44
I got alot of good responses about getting my 8x10 down under. I took all of the suggestions into consideration and now I'm all set with my gear and itching to get down there (21+ hours on planes ! ). Once I get to Brisbane, I have a couple of places in mind to get my camera to. Do any Aussies in the audience have any "must go" places that I should get my camera to while I am there? I don't think I'll be able to get more than a day away from Brisbane, and have a trip to Sydney planned toward the end of my 2 week stay. Any suggestions?

BTW: I've manage to drop 22lbs from my 8x10 setup, and can now fit everything into one pack!

Check it out: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/208/526757041_c75b506b6e.jpg?v=0

2-Jun-2007, 17:39
What ever you decide on your gear I suggest you contact Robert [Roteague] of list and chat about bag sizes etc. Domestic sizes and international can vary and you can have a very distressing time talking to a "tree" and trying to explain that your pride and joy has just travelled legally internationally and yet the same sized carry on may or may not be accepted.

I flew twice to America from Australia in the last 2 years with a whole lot of gear "but" I put all my valuable camera stuff in a standard small roll on carry on. And I also carried a laptop case with all other gear in it. When I travelled you could have a standard carry on and a personal bag. Neither piece attracted any attention due to size, whereas many people got asked about there backpacks etc. Some had to send them down to the cargo area because they were just a fraction too big and weighed too much. I stored my empty back pack in my suitcase and just filled it with clothes. I took 20 film holders but sent them to the hold because of weight. I removed the head from the tripod and wrapped both in bubble wrap due to the fact that the head if left on the tripod was too close to the end of the case with the potential for damage. Filters cable releases etc can go to the hold if there is too much weight in the carry on. Yes there is also a weight as well as size limit on the carry on -- at least there was.

One final thing you may need to consider. You may need to let your customs department sight your gear before leaving America. In Australia before leaving, I filled out a form listing every piece of gear I left the country with because the last thing you need is a delay at customs when you return with all that expensive gear. Contact your customs department and ask their advice. My travel agent hadn't advised me on this matter and the ruling had changed from the first to second trip. I literally listed everything. I filled 5 forms. I didn't have to use them but if I had been stopped without a customs declaration filled out prior to leaving I could have faced a whole heap of delay. I don't know USA customs requirements but it wont hurt to check.

I hope you have a very enjoyable time -- Queensland will be stunning .

Maris Rusis
2-Jun-2007, 22:32
I lived in Brisbane for many years but I found that my 8x10 landscape photography happened either north or south of the city itself.

Finally I left Brisbane and moved to Noosa about 150km north of Brisbane specifically to do landscape photography in and around the Noosa National Park. For me the place is a rich visual laboratory featuring beaches, rocks, flowers, trees, clouds, caves, waves, river, and lake scenery. I have carried an 8x10 outfit right round the headland section of the park (about 10km) many times in what usually turns out to be a good days work.

Noosa is like Carmel in California with fancy boutiques, restaurants, good coffee and an upmarket but welcoming local attitude. I like the place, I live here, and I'm biassed.

3-Jun-2007, 00:16
Luggage will be your biggest hassle. Qantas only allows 15 lbs (7kg) for carry on luggage, and this includes their international flights as well (as of March 2007). My experience with them is that they rigidly enforce this rule.

I'll be making my 8th trip to Australia in September, but will probably fly via Hawaiian Airlines (they still allow 25 lbs carry on). I haven't decided on an itinerary yet, other than Bright, Victoria, or what equipment (at a minimum the 4x5).

Craig Griffiths
3-Jun-2007, 02:32
Have to agree with Maris, although for a more rural outlook, try heading out towards Boonah and then up to Killarney.

Chris Fergus
5-Jun-2007, 08:38
Robert is dead on the money with the baggage weight limit... 7kg (15.4lb) and they will enforce it. But then, you'd be amazed how many heavy things fit in your pockets while they are weighing your bags, nothing like a photographers-vest for this situation...

On the plus-side, once you're here, my favourites are the Glasshouse Mountains in Southern QLDs... near Sydney (2+ hr drive) you'll hit the Blue Mountains with numerous waterfalls etc.

Another option is to head for the beaches off Newcastle (about 2 hours drive north of Sydney) there are shipwrecks (modern-ish, rusted etc) on the beaches.

5-Jun-2007, 12:43
But then, you'd be amazed how many heavy things fit in your pockets while they are weighing your bags, nothing like a photographers-vest for this situation...

That is what I've started doing. I carry all my LF lenses in a fanny pack, and 35mm and 120 film in my trouser pockets (big external pockets). Because of the weight limit, the 35mm may stay home on the next trip. :(

5-Jun-2007, 18:26
Robert if you are really desparate to shoot a "toy" you can borrow my Olympus kit. Very primative though you will need to use a "light" meter. :)

24 mm - 200 mm all prime lenses. I'll remove the anti Velvia adaptor I had made!!


5-Jun-2007, 22:39
Robert if you are really desparate to shoot a "toy" you can borrow my Olympus kit. Very primative though you will need to use a "light" meter. :)

Thanks, but I think I'll pass. I replaced the Canon I had with something a bit more sophisticated :eek: - and I don't like it any better than the Canon. However, I've got a brand new lightmeter - a Sekonic L-758DR. The old one died when we were at Ormiston Gorge last year.