View Full Version : APO Grandagon 45mm - Filter thread size

1-Jun-2007, 17:54
I know that this lens is currently made with a 67mm filter thread. I had seen specs on th LF page that list it with a 58mm filter thread.

Yesterday I saw a photo of one that looked like it had a 58mm filter thread. Was this lens ever made with this 58mm thread and if so what are the implications for using a centre filter?

Bob Salomon
1-Jun-2007, 23:57
Yes, One production only. Then all Apo Grandagons became 67mm.

Bob Salomon
1-Jun-2007, 23:58
Then you need a 58mm center filter. It will not be as effective as the special 67mm center filter for the Apo Grandagon lenses only.

4-Jun-2007, 17:36
Thanks Bob,
is there any reason not to buy one of these models?

I'm happy to accept some falloff and would appreciate being able to use the same centre filter as my 65 4.5.

Also, any idea how many were made?

Thanks, Matt.