View Full Version : Need advice on my 1st 4x5 shots

1-Jun-2007, 17:46
I'd also like to get some help with my first images shot & processed.

These are my first shots with my new Shen-hao 4x5. The first two shots were loaded in the same Fidelity holder. All were processed one at a time in an HP Combi-plan tank using D-76 1:1. I can't figure out what I did wrong with the second one. Is one side of my Fidelity film holder bad? Could I have moved the film holder while inserted in the camera causing a light leak? All three seem to have a small light leak or something showing in the far right portion of each picture. Any ideas from all of you that have a bunch more experience that I will be greatly appreciated.

Jim Rice
1-Jun-2007, 17:57
It looks to me like the holder didn't seat properly into the camera on the 2nd 210 shot. It's difficult to imagine another scenario for the fog from all around like that. Nice work.

Ron Marshall
1-Jun-2007, 17:57
Looks like light leaks in all three. Maybe just a problem of the holder not seating properly, as Jim has said.

Nice shots otherwise.

Walter Calahan
1-Jun-2007, 18:04
Make sure your film holder is pushed in as far as it will go. Double check all 4 sides to make sure it is seated properly in place.

A light leak on the right side of the frame means it is coming in from the left side of the camera if you load your holders into the camera from the right side.

1-Jun-2007, 18:38
Definitely a light leak of some sort. Could be due to loading or anything I guess.

Sometimes, pulling or pushing the darkslide with too much pressure in the wrong direction while the filmholder is on the camera, causes it to lift off the camera back and allow light to leak in. That's why its best to do the pulling and pushing of the darkslide while the dark cloth is draped over the film holder and your hand.

Peter Lewin
1-Jun-2007, 20:13
Aside from the light leak issue, notice that the walls in the 3rd shot (the corridor with arches) are not perpendicular (the right hand wall is tilting outwards) - looks to me as if you did not have the rear standard vertically aligned.

Joseph O'Neil
2-Jun-2007, 06:00
I agree with the above - you have a light leak becasue something, somewhere is not sitting flat and light tight. I had the same problem myself *three times* myself some years ago. First time was actually a bit of fuzz/grit on the camera itself that held out the film holder at one end.

Another place to check is this sort of mistake is very, very easy to make when you first start to load and use a film holder in the camera. I once ruined a shot alomost identical to the above picutres of yours because the corner of my shirt sleve caught on the edge of the back of hte camera and it pulled it back ever so slightly.

One last thought, and my 3rd mistake, I had a couple older wood film holders - they turned out to be a bit warped. The plastic ones however are ususally just fine, but take a look
good luck

Louie Powell
2-Jun-2007, 06:21
The middle image looks like the light leak was more general.

Occasionally, if I am not careful (who, me?), I will find myself trying to insert the darkslide between the holder and the back of the camera rather than into the slot in the holder. The result of this is that the holder gets pushed back a bit, causing generalized light leaks.