View Full Version : Guidelines for Articles for this Forum

1-Jun-2007, 08:02
I have a few articles that I have been working on and I have some questions that I could not answer with the 'search' command.

Do posted articles have to be exclusive (ie OK if they are on APUG also?)
Where or how do you send the article to have it posted? What format ?

BTW: Articles are 1) Care and feeding of Omege D5500 enlarger and 2) side by side comparison of Wejex and EG&G sensitometers.

Ralph Barker
1-Jun-2007, 08:29
Tuan (Q.T. Luong (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/member.php?u=3)) is the contact point for submitting articles for the LF Home Page. I'd suggest contacting him directly regarding specifics.

QT Luong
3-Jun-2007, 14:15
Articles do not need to be exclusive. The prefered format is HTML (since that's how the article will be published) although I can convert most formats (one notable exception is PDF) into it.

29-Jun-2007, 05:28
Thank you, now I have to get on with the typing and editing...