View Full Version : Adox CHS 100 and Rodinal

31-May-2007, 19:43
I've searched a bit but can't find any starting points for ADOX 100 and Rodinal.

Any ideas or advice?


Donald Qualls
31-May-2007, 20:13
I've processed Efke R100 (same emulsion as ADOX 100, though this was 127) and Maco UP 100 (again same emulsion, different badge -- originally 120 recut to 127) at the same time I give Fomapan 100 with good results. My Parodinal time is 11 minutes at 1:50 with agitation every 3rd minute; that'd be equivalent to 7 1/2 minutes with agitation every minute (and Parodinal uses the same dilutions and time as commercial Rodinal, but costs about $1 per quart for the concentrate).

For sheet film, you'll probably want more contrast than I give my rolls, but it's a starting point, at least...

31-May-2007, 20:19
is Efke R100 the same as PL100 ?

Actually as I write this, the boxes all have the same "em" number which I am taking as emulsion.