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31-May-2007, 14:52
I'm planning to finally jump into large format with a 5x7 Fotoman (when it's released). In the past I used a Pentax 67 primarily with a 45mm lens. What lens in 5x7 would be the equivalent?



31-May-2007, 14:55
105mm I guess. If you ignore the difference in format. 6x7 is a little squarer.

Ron Marshall
31-May-2007, 15:08
Simply using the ratios of the film diagonals, 88 mm and 209 mm, gives an equivalent of 105 mm.

But 5x7 is slightly more elongated than 6x7, so a slightly longer lens such as a 115 might be a better fit.

It also depends how much you want to spend and how light-weight you want the lens to be. Multicoated, faster, larger image circle will generally add to the cost.

A Schneider 110 Super Symmar XL is a good choice, light-weight, large image circle, multicoated. Can be found for a reasonable price used.

steve simmons
31-May-2007, 15:25
A 45m on the 6x7 is about 1/2 normal. Therefore, a 105 would be a rough equivilent. The only problem is that the proportions are not the same.

Go to


and then to the Free Articles section. There is a lens equivilent chart for getting as close as you can between formats. I would say anything from 105 ro 115 should work for you.

People will have different theories about matching - match the diagonal, the short dimension, the long dimension,etc., etc. When you change format proportions all you can do is get as close as possible.


steve simmons

1-Jun-2007, 02:13
Thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated.