View Full Version : Wollensak Veritar Photos?

31-May-2007, 08:59
I am planning to do a series of photographs with a 10" Wollensak Veritar. I have a copy of the Wollensak booklet on how it focuses. I'd like to see photographs made with this lens, so if anyone has some and is willing to share...

Joe Smigiel
31-May-2007, 09:26
Here you go:



31-May-2007, 09:36
Joe, thanks a lot. Knowing the aperture is very helpful.

Larry H-L
31-May-2007, 13:01
Format is also important with the 10' Veritar. You won't see much in the way of "swirlyness" on 4x5, as you are chopping off the soft edges. Much better on 5x7 IMHO. I've never tried it on 8x10, but it might cover at close-focus distances.

31-May-2007, 14:56
I posted this one on the Verito post. I guess this thread is more appropriate. Aperture is about F7.

31-May-2007, 19:05
the veritar seems to like blown highlights+contrasty situations ...
i use it outdoors for portraits more than controlled lighting indoors ...

3-Jun-2007, 00:34
forgot to mention

wide open - 1st/5x7, 2nd/4x5