View Full Version : 210 f6.8 Rodenstock on Speed Graphic

30-May-2007, 19:27
I was wanting a 210 to go along with my 135 and 90 Optars and was beaten out a couple of times for an Ektar 203 on ebay. I was the high bidder until the last few seconds. Finally called up KEH and got a mintish (rated EX) 210 Geronar f6.8 in Copal shutter for $189. Only a few dollars more than the oldish Ektar. Set it up on my Speed tonight. I had a set of infinity stops from another parts camera. I downloaded a picture of focusing scales from ebay. Manipulated them in my computer to size them properly (1.5 inches between screw holes) and it works perfectly with the 210 (also did the same thing for a wide angle scale for the 90). The 210 is small enough to allow me to fold up the camera with the lens still attached. Will be taking some shots this weekend in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Now I just need to download a dof scale for the lens. Looks like it might be my favorite lens in the FLint Hills as the wider angles just flatten the hills too much. It will make a great portrait lens wtih my 6x9 back.

Glenn Thoreson
30-May-2007, 20:52
Plus, it is a tremendously sharp lens. Quite a bargain for what it can produce.

David Karp
30-May-2007, 21:04
Yes, stopped down to f/16 or f/22, it is quite sharp. I use the same lens folded into my Crown. I think you will be quite pleased.

William Barnett-Lewis
30-May-2007, 22:13
Where did you get the pictures scales? Were these recent auctions? Obviously my Google-fu is lacking but I've looked several times for such scales. Thanks & excellent work, btw.


31-May-2007, 04:31
There's a set of 3 wide angle ones going off ebay later today. Search for Graflex scales. I may have gotten the tele scales from a completed auction. If you want a picture of them just send me your email address via private messge and I'll email them to you.