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Jim Galli
29-May-2007, 17:06
A few years ago on Ebay, I bought 8+ boxes of 100 8X10 Kodak transparent sleeves. The ones you aren't supposed to use because they eventually break down under bad conditions and react with color film. I thought to myself, this is more than a lifetime supply, I'll never use these up. This AM early I went to pull out a new box because the old one is empty........and there aren't any more.

My old Kodak has been busy ;)

Ed Richards
29-May-2007, 17:34
Very impressive! But take heart on the sleeves - I do not know about the ones you are using, but I had a bunch of 35mm slide pockets break down and do real harm to the slides. It would be heartbreak to see that happen to 8x10.

29-May-2007, 19:55
That's a bit of film jim. I'm glad someone gets the opportunity to shoot more often than i do. Sometimes it makes me wish i worked for uncle sam.

29-May-2007, 21:28
yeah jim! good work. keep shooting and keep posting!
when i get back from myanmar i will bang away on my old kodak 2D. thanks for the inspiration.....again!


30-May-2007, 13:30

A few years ago I had the foresight to order four boxes of the Kodak polyester sleeves, since many of my negatives were stored in paper sleeves that had turned (over 40 years or so) a nice khaki brown. I then found that all of the negatives were just fine, so the Kodak sleeves have been used for new negatives. I'm on the second box of 100 after seven or eight years, so I won't be looking at your milestone for a while yet.

The Kodak polyester sleeves seem to have gone off the market, but Light Impressions seems to have a near-equivalent (for three times the price!). I don't like the polyethylene ones (too hard to get sharp-cornered negatives in and out) and, of course, would never consider the old polyvinyl chloride sleeves for anything that matters.



2-Jun-2007, 10:20
Jim, I've taken to using 8-1/2"x11" clear plastic sleeves available from places like Staples. These are made from the same 'archival' plastic as are many photo-grade sleeves, but I like the slightly larger width for 8x10 negatives; they're readily available in my hometown for less $ than 'photo' grade.