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28-May-2007, 18:00
Does anyone know what the design of the Wollensak 127mm f4.5 Raptar is? I think it may be a Tessar.

Does anyone know the image circle, any movements with 5x4? I'm repairing a non working version at present so cannot as yet use it for a real shoot. Anyone have any images shot with this lens.

Glenn Thoreson
28-May-2007, 19:25
Yes, it's a Tessar clone. Movements? Very little room for movements. This was a Press camera lens. It only needed to cover with minimal front rise. A pretty decent lens.

29-May-2007, 08:01
The 127 / 4.5 Raptar design is 4 elements in 3 groups. I have an example of this lens and like it very much. It is extremely sharp but only just barely covers 4x5. It was intended to be used with smaller formats. Here is an example from mine...Broken Toy (http://www.flickr.com/photos/bks62464/76079158/)

That is a crop. It represents about the middle 75 or 80 percent of the negative area.

Turner Reich
3-Jun-2007, 04:17
What was the film used in the above photo?

3-Jun-2007, 14:24
What was the film used in the above photo?

It is Kodak Tri-X 320TXP in HC-110 dil. D