View Full Version : What's a nice 90 for my Ebony?

lisa osta
28-May-2007, 17:30
I just got an Ebony RW45 and am looking for a 90 that I could find second hand. I've seen Schnieder Super Angulons, Rodenstocks, Nikors and Fujinons. What's a good option? It's to do landscape and garden photography.

Thanks in advance.

Ernest Purdum
28-May-2007, 18:04
A lot depends on your budget. You can't really go wrong on one of the late model lenses from any of these makers. The Nikons f8 and f4.5 perhaps offer a little more than the other similar types. Multicoating is desirable, but if you can't afford it, a single coated lens and careful shading, preferably with a compendium lens shade can go a long way towards eliminating the difference. Some of the lenses are a little heavy and bulky, which may or may not be a consideration to you. If cost is a severe limitation, you might want to consider a 3 1/2" f12.5 Wollensak. They are often available on eBay at moderate cost. Condition is, of course, all important. "Schneideritis", which is deteriorated edge blackening of the glass, is not important, but other defects are.

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Colin Graham
28-May-2007, 18:06
There have been many threads on this and they usually boil down to it's hard to tell any of the modern 'big 4' apart. Some people have difficulty focusing with the f8 versions, so that may be a factor. A great all around 90 is the Grandagon 6.8. Good circle, easy to focus, great corner to corner sharpness, not as large or expensive as the 4.5 versions. Hope this helps.

28-May-2007, 20:58
I own a Fujinon SWD 90 and it is an excellent performer.

Alan Davenport
28-May-2007, 23:45
The f/8 lenses aren't difficult to focus at all if you (a) use a good darkcloth, and (b) use at least a 4X loupe.

Right now, with an apparent stampede of f/8 owners trading up to faster lenses, these slower lenses have become a great bargain. 90mm f/8 Super Angulons frequently sell for $300 on fleabay, and that would be my recommendation for a great lens at an affordable price.

29-May-2007, 00:21
You cannot go wrong with the reccs given. I have a 90 f8 SW Nikkor which is fantastic. The Fujis, Schneiders and Rodenstocks are all great. I personally would go for an F8 or 6.8 over the faster 4.5 versions due to lighter weight and smaller size (and lower costs). I personally find the 90 f8 Nikkor exceptionally sharp, light (340g) and has a huge circle of 235mm (so works on 5x7!). All I would say is check ou the shutters on used lenses as some of the older schneider S.Angulons are in older shutters. You may pay about $100-150 more for amoder modern version, with MC and a newer copal shutter but money well spent if you ask me. That said. SC lenses are not short on contrast.

31-May-2007, 07:59
I own Fujinon SWD and EBony RW45, and have wonderful time with both