View Full Version : Adox 100 (chs?)

Carl Radford
28-May-2007, 13:44
Hi Folks

Anyone any experience of ADOX 100? I have rated it at 50 and giving it 12mins in Pyrocat HD at 70c - seems a little long. My timings for FP4+ are 11mins & HP5+ 12mins in Pyrocat HD at 20c. Yeap the negs look ok - although I haven't printed any yet so I am happy on that front - just thought the time would be shorter.

Thanks for your thoughts/observations in advance, Carl

Mike Castles
28-May-2007, 13:59
Can't tell you if it is right or not, but can tell you that it is what I use for PL100. 12 min, 70 C, film rated at 50 (it is good to hear someone else has the same question)

Note: using paper drum on a motor base, and dil. is 2.5+2+100. Found was getting too much general stain using 2+2+100. Negatives are used to print plt/pld.

Carl Radford
28-May-2007, 23:40

These negs are 5x4 being made for silver and so given 1:1:100 - when I do dev for plt/pd they are given 2:1:100 which I believe is the recommendation for Sandy King which has come from testing by Clay and your friend Michael!? Always feels a little better to know that others are in the same ballpark :)

Cheers, Carl

tim atherton
30-May-2007, 10:11
in a rotary drum with a 5 min presoak, I find film exposed @ 100iso developed in Pyrocat HD 2:2:1 @ 20c for 8 minutes to be spot on

This is for silver printing and scanning