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27-May-2007, 15:01
hello from tucson, az. U of A student, been shooting 35mm for some time. However, I recently had the opportunity to try out a 4x5 (gowland monorail) in an elective photography class. All it took was on type 54 and my motorcycle was on craiglist and there's an rw45 in the mail. This forum has proven invaluable and I'm sure will be even more so in the future.

John Kasaian
27-May-2007, 18:41
Welcome from Fresno, CA :)

Sheldon N
27-May-2007, 19:08
Welcome aboard!

George Kara
28-May-2007, 08:38
Hey Cameron

Shooting LF is far safer than driving your mc on those crazy tucson streets. Over the long haul it may turn to be more expensive as well. I think the chemical smell is somehow addictive. Good luck and good fun.

28-May-2007, 10:01
Welcome from Hawaii.

Uri Kolet
31-May-2007, 18:00
Welcome from Vancouver, Cameron; this is a fine neighbourhood.

matthew blais
31-May-2007, 19:42
holá back at ya...

31-May-2007, 21:29
Welcome, Cameron. Large format photography is a great adventure, and this is a terrific place to learn.

Ralph Barker
1-Jun-2007, 08:02
Welcome to the forum, Cameron.

1-Jun-2007, 08:04
Welcome, also from Tucson.

1-Jun-2007, 16:59
welcome, from Tucson too,


5-Jun-2007, 15:03
Thanks to all