View Full Version : Nikon 120mm f8 for 8x10?

26-May-2007, 21:04
Would you view the Nikon 120mm f8 to be a good lense for 8x10?

Are there comparable (size and price) wide angles out there?

Walter Calahan
27-May-2007, 03:29
I use one all the time. Wonderful extreme wide angle for 8x10.

Visit this page on my web site and view the photo labeled "Carroll County 16" to is the Nikon 120mm f/8.0 at work: http://www.walterpcalahan.com/Cheers/Carroll%20County.html

John O'Connell
27-May-2007, 04:16
The only "comparable" coated, modern lenses for 8x10 are the 110mm SSXL (much more expensive) and the older of ther Super Angulons in the same focal length (either 120mm or 121mm). Images I've seen with the Super Angulon in that focal length demostrate extreme vignetting in the corners that might be rendered dead black on chromes.

There are a lot of older, uncoated lenses in about that focal length that cover the format, but I don't know of a single thread here that collects a list of them. Search on 'Berthiot' and you should get one of them.

Stan. L-B
27-May-2007, 04:46
The Nikor SW120mm F8 Image Circle 312mm is on my wish list for my 10X8.
I was a little apprehensive that the 312mm Image Circle is a little tight for full movement in a Sinar P2; it seems that the actual coverage may well be greater than specified.
The Nikor SW 150mm has a circle of 400mm and is another wide lens for 10X8 under my consideration. I have not seen either of these lenses on the used market - must be either too recent or too good! Any comments on these lenses welcome.

27-May-2007, 05:20
I have both the Nikkor SW 120 and the SW 150. They are fine lenses. The 120 works well on 8x10. Not much room for movements but the corners are sharp and bright. The 150 is a beast that will give you plenty of room for movements on an 8x10. The Super Angulon 121 also works for 8x10. It is somewhat tighter on an 8x10 than the Nikkor SW but it does cover. MPEX currently has two Nikkor SW 120s in stock and they occasionally have the SW 150 as well. In terms of price, the SA 121 will be the cheapest, then the SW 120 and finally the SW 150 will be the most expensive. Lately the SW 150s have been going for $1200-1300 on the auction site and elsewhere.
Dave B.

27-May-2007, 05:28
Not wide enough? Try a 75 degree Goerz Hypergon.

Stan. L-B
27-May-2007, 05:48
Thanks Dave for the useful information. Stan. L-B

27-May-2007, 18:29
Thanks for all the info. Never knew about the Goerz Hypergon (I doubt I'll ever see one, unless I could go back in time to 1914 and pay $49 for a new one!).

How about using the 120mm for both 4x5 and 8x10....good idea or bad?

George Stewart
28-May-2007, 01:53
I saw a 150mm Hypergon at Lens and Repro once. It was $10K and looked like it was from an art deco - Buck Rogersís camera. The propeller (to correct vignetting) on the front was really cool.

Otherwise, I shoot the 150 SW on 8x10 without a concern.

28-May-2007, 02:42
How about using the 120mm for both 4x5 and 8x10....good idea or bad?

I use mine for mostly 5x7 and 4x5. But I also use it for 8x10. The only issue for me is I need a recessed board for 8x10 but not for the smaller formats.

28-May-2007, 06:52
I hadn't thought about having to use a recessed board. I'll look into it. Thanks!

Andrew O'Neill
28-May-2007, 07:54
Yup. Been using Nikkor SW 120 on my 8x10 (Canham light weight) for quite a while. It is also on a recessed toyo board.