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William Barnett-Lewis
25-May-2007, 22:05
So, then, hello!

I've been playing with LF for about 2 years now since a wonderful person gifted me with an Anniversary Speed Graphic (1942, all black & a US Navy provenence) with it's origional 127/4.7 Ektar. I recently added a Calumet CC-400 & a Symmar 135/5.6(235/12) and will be getting a Crown Graphic that I hope to add a Super Speed Graphic front standard to (all normal front movements) and perhaps later modify the back of. In LF I do mostly people shots, landscapes & urban environmental "landscapes". I've done a few handheld snapshots that are reasonable but most fall into the category of Dr. Johnson's dog on two legs... :eek: Still that's a genre I enjoy and I would like to get better at it. I have a (bad?) tendency towards a very Ansel Adams-ish modernism but I tend to be happy with that, so... (Yes, I still love "Examples" & "Portfolios" ;) )

I have no wet darkroom so I dunk and scan on a cheap flatbed at this point.

I have no dislike of digital (and enjoy the little monster on my cell phone :D ) but do prefer the esthetic experiance of working with film.

I was in IT for over 10 years & was burning out when laid off. That was a blessing. I was a stay-at-home dad for three years with my toddler son & a rangefinder camera or three learning a heck of a lot about composition on the run :eek: Sometimes the lessons were even positive ones...

Now I drive a semi and do my shooting when & where I can.

Thanks for reading this far; good luck & good light!


Colin Graham
25-May-2007, 22:11
Hey William are you able to take your gear on the road with you? That might be a great gig... but then I guess the pumpkins might get a bit ripe with all the stops lol. Welcome to the forum.

William Barnett-Lewis
25-May-2007, 22:26
I try to. Biggest problem I have is a lack of daylight by the time I get anywhere :eek: but I have had some luck with true snapshots (hyperfocal focused, etc.) from both RF & SLR 35mm cameras. Oh, and occasionally with my Ikoflex Ia though it's shutter release is a true major pain ;)


Oren Grad
25-May-2007, 23:04
Well, then, hello!

For whatever reason the combination of trucking + photography always brings to mind gritty nighttime pictures made with 35mm cameras. Years back I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit David Vestal in his home, and as I recall he had a really cool one in that genre on the wall. Not one of his own, and just now I can't recall whose work it was... :(

Randy H
26-May-2007, 11:10
Too cool, and welcome...
I don't recall where it was I saw it, but a couple years back there was a photog'r that had travelled around quite a bit, and his portfolio was pics of "restroom grafitti". Some were pretty graphic, some very humorous, and some were actually very well done art. Personally, I think a "truck-stop portfolio" would be kind of neat. Trucks, drivers, diners, etc etc. What a photo-op!

Ed Richards
26-May-2007, 12:57
I will second the truck stop portfolio. Shoot what you know and have access to, and do a good job of it. Sounds like the sort of stuff that New Yawk critics would love.:-)

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George Kara
4-Jun-2007, 13:09
Sounds like a great opportunity to take portraits of your fellow truckers in and around their rigs. There are alot of interesting people roaming the country.