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village idiot
25-May-2007, 14:10
-Newbies post "Did I get a good deal" on this, that or the other. ( You see where this is going?...)

In anticipation of the arrival of my Tech V, I went shopping. ( Pregnant pause while the more experienced out there cringe.)

I went to a little camera repair shop about 5 minutes from my house to talk to the proprietor about inspecting my camera when it arrives. This fellow has been in the same location for 25 years, and has probably forgotten more than I will ever know about equipment, but I digress.

Long story short, I walked out with an absolutely MINT Schneider Super Angulon 8/90 MC and Copal 0 shutter, a Linhof Technika lensboard, (though the board is drilled for Copal 1), and a trick shutter release. No I don't know what mfr the release is, I just dug through the pile til I found one I liked.

Total? $480US before tax.

Did I get a good deal?

25-May-2007, 14:16
Like anything else it depends on condition. Plus you saved shipping etc. Not sure why the seller gave you a #1 lensboard.

You might want to take a look at the www.keh.com website and get a feel for prices.

village idiot
25-May-2007, 14:24
Nick, I took the #1 lensboard, because my camera is not coming with any, and the seller didn't have a #0. I figure I'll have a use for it sooner or later. I did check KEH, but the closest they have is a Nikkor 8/90, which I do think has the same coverage?

eric black
25-May-2007, 14:56
Like anything there are lots of deals to be found- it really just comes down to patience. A couple of years ago, LF gear was going for a song. Lately there seems to be a resurgence of interest and prices seem to be rebounding. Some prices are cyclical and drop in the spring and then rebound during the summer when interest in shooting rebounds. Know what you want to spend, and research exactly what you want to spend it on and youll be happy and thats all that matters- btw- contact Jim at Midwest Photo mpex.com for the lensboard that you need- he typically has them in stock for prices that are every bit as good as auctions

Brian Ellis
25-May-2007, 21:38
I'm far from an expert but $480 is about what I'd expect to pay for that lens in excellent cosmetica and operating condition. So if yours is in that condition I think you got a fair deal (fair as in "equitable," not fair as in "mediocre"). The 90mm SA f8 shows up pretty often on ebay. If you're really curious you might check the completed sales section and see if any are shown there. Typically I'd expect a reputable dealer's prices to be about 10% - 20% higher than ebay's (if there is anything typical about ebay prices).

William Barnett-Lewis
25-May-2007, 22:38
Yep, patience and luck. I got silly lucky with a Symmar 135/5.6 for $62 recently. There was talk in the ad about scratches (yep, some exist, even on the rear element) & I'm sure it scared away most bidders but I've paid much more for lenses in far worse shape & still felt I got a good deal. Best win yet, though, remains the B&L Tessar in barrel I got for silly cheap... :D

This one is the same in one important way - do you feel good? are you excited about getting out and burning film? If so, then it's a screaming deal & you need to dance a jig all the way back to where your camera is ... ;) Just pull that darkslide & get cracking... heh.


village idiot
26-May-2007, 00:27
Yes, I am happy, and excited to start shooting, but I confess that with the LF language I'm learning, I feel like I have a neon "sucker" sign over my head when I walk into a shop. If you were to ask me about NAI, AI, AIS, E, AF, or AF-I/S/VR Nikkors, I could probably hold a semi-literate conversation with you. Symmar, Sironar, Angulon, copal vs compur? Electric shutters? Barrel lenses? The whooshing sound is most of that going right over my head. I'll get past it. I appreciate the input and assistance. Many thanks.

26-May-2007, 21:29
You'll save yourself a lot of anguish if you don't ask yourself if you got a good deal, especially in LF photography which requires a lot of buying of stuff that vary greatly in price, and ESPECIALLY if you've already bought the darned thing so its too late to return it anyway! Avoid impulse buys (like I'm one to talk!) and just get the stuff you need and move on.