View Full Version : What does MC stand for?

Jeff Crain
24-May-2007, 12:26
I have a schnieder apo symmar "MC" and was wondering what the MC stands for or means?

24-May-2007, 12:27
Multi coated.

Unless it's been owned by a guy named Hammer. Then it's a monogram. :D

Jeff Crain
24-May-2007, 13:18
MC is it, no HAMMER. Thanks a bunch !!!

Bob Salomon
24-May-2007, 13:19
It is multi-coated.

David Luttmann
24-May-2007, 15:48
If the lens is the life of the party, then it's Master of Ceremonies.....

Greg Lockrey
24-May-2007, 16:59
Motor City as in the MC-5.:rolleyes: