View Full Version : the maze

simone mangano
23-May-2007, 19:11
a friend and i want to hike into the maze in utah and take both super 8 and photos does anyone know of any guides we can hire? do we need one? i understand how remote it is. i appreciate any advice

C. D. Keth
23-May-2007, 20:40
How experienced are you with a compas and a map? Also related, how experienced are you in desert survival?

If it's the kind of thing you have done before, you won't need a guide. Make sure you have a good map and do all of the things to help yourself should you get lost. Take lots of water, food, tell people where you're going and when you'll be back, etc.

Brian Vuillemenot
23-May-2007, 20:43
Hi Simone,

Have you explored the Island in the Sky and Needles districts of Canyonlands yet? If you haven't, I would recommend doing that first. Both have similar scenery to the maze, and are much more accessible. In the Island in the Sky district, you can drive up to many of the main landmarks, with lots more accessible by short hikes. The Needles is more isolated, but much can also be seen on day hikes. The Maze is certainly an awesome place, but very remote, and requires quite a bit more logistical planning. I don't know of any guides, but am sure you can find one out of Moab. Best of luck with your adventures in Canyonlands!