View Full Version : Lenses for 4X10

Jim Becia
23-May-2007, 06:26
Any ideas on lenses in 150 to 180 range that cover 4X10 that don't weigh a ton and cost an arm and a leg? I currently use a 110XL, Rodenstock 210, Fuji 240A, Nikkor 300M, and Fuji 450A that cover this format very nicely. However, I would like something betweeen my 110XL and 210. All my lenses were bought for my 4X5 with idea of being rather lightweight (with the exception of the 210). So any suggestions that won't break the bank or back? Thanks. Jim


23-May-2007, 06:53
AGFA repromaster 150mm f9 will cover, I think.

Jim Galli
23-May-2007, 06:57
The Computar / Graphic Kowa 150mm f9 in Copal 1 or the Fuji 180 f9A would both have about the same coverage I think. Limited. Schneider 6.8 165mm Angulon if you get a good one. People either love them or hate them. And of course the very desireable f8 WA Dagor 165 but now you're getting into the break the bank realm. An ordinary 165 f6.8 dagor should cover but they're hard to find in a modern shutter.

james zhou
25-May-2007, 13:58
Try 150mm Hm From Schneider. It Has An Actual 290mm Ic.