View Full Version : Rodenstock-Splendar/Splendon

21-May-2007, 07:34
I recently came into possesion of a 200mm and a 250mm Rodenstock-Splendar, and a 300mm Rodenstock-Splendon. All the have a red A indication, which I suppose has something to do with the coating they have. All three are mounted onto long barrels which allows them to be focussed by rotating. They are very easily removed from these barrels (just one screw).

I have found out they were used on very high quality 6x7cm slide projectors. They have no aperture (and no shutter ofcourse).

Another lens I found is a 200mm f3.5 liesegang janar from an episcope or projector.

Any information at all is welcome.

23-May-2007, 03:40
Somebody? please? I found out the rodenstock lenses soemtimes came with linhof/leitz projectors.