View Full Version : 410 head on a 1300 Gitzo

John Hennessy
8-Sep-2000, 02:23
Has anyone used a Bogan 410 geared head on a Gitzo 1348 tripod? A certain amount of praise has been given to the 410 head so I tried one in a shop on my Gitzo b ut I couldn't tilt up more than about 7 degrees with being stopped by the wide G itzo base. Even off the tripod the 410 will hit its own littler base before reac hing its 30 degree max. If I put the camera on backwards, this can be over come (till I want to tilt down.) But that would be awkward anyway.

Did I miss something? Is there a way to use these together?

8-Sep-2000, 02:39
People have had similar problems trying to go vertical with the Pentax67 on the columnless Gitzo. The have a spacer machined to go between the flat plate and the head.

Christiane Roh
8-Sep-2000, 17:17
I don't own the Bogen 410, but I've unscrewed the base plate on my Gitzo, because it was bothering me while turning the knobs of the head.. My tripod has a rapid column however and the circular plate I took away was atop of the rapid column.. I've never felt it necessary to replace that plate on the tripod..

John Hennessy
8-Sep-2000, 19:01
"I've unscrewed the base plate on my Gitzo"

You took off just the black rubber-like piece or the whole top?

What's left to which to attach the head?

I may experiment with your idea. Thanks

Raven Garrow
8-Sep-2000, 20:53
Yes, you have to just put the camera on in the opposite direction. Then you can tilt much more.

Kenneth Grunzweig
8-Sep-2000, 21:58
I've used the 410 adn Gitzo combo on both the P67 and Toyo AII, just put the camera on backwards. It is a great head and really worth the reversal of the mount.

Robert A. Zeichner
8-Sep-2000, 23:18
I just made an adapter out of aluminum to enable my Majestic 1600 to fit on my Linhof twinleg. I previously made an adapter to replace the head on the Linhof. What I now have is a 2-1/2" diameter disc with a 3/8"-16 threaded stud (just like a Bogen). I machined a 1-1/2" diameter cylinder with a 2" flange (looks like a top hat) and drilled and tapped a 3/8-16 hole in the base. I screw it onto the Linhof and slide the Majestic on and tighten the handwheel. Works great! Do I call this thing a Linjestic or a Malinhof? Whichever, this system allows me to use any head I have on any tripod I have. Handy! If you are interested, a friend of mine has an older Majestic head and leg set that he would be willing to part with for a reasonable price. Let me know and I'll put you in touch with him.

Robert A. Zeichner
8-Sep-2000, 23:20
Well, I've done it! I just posted a response to the wrong thread! Damn, it's been a long week.