View Full Version : Cottage Northern Maryland Shore? May 31-June 1

Frank Petronio
18-May-2007, 08:27
I'm looking for a rustic vacation cabin or bungalow cottage around Northern Maryland for Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1 for a photo shoot with four people plus myself and an assistant. I'm looking for the kind of place you see used in popular fashion catalogs: J Crew, Anthropologie, American Eagle or Abercrombie.

Something with some worn character and that sort of thing...

Any suggestions? thanks, Frank

Does anybody know any professional location scouts that way?

Walter Calahan
18-May-2007, 09:09
I'd call vacation rental brokers in DC or Baltimore.

You might be better off looking along the Delaware coastline. The Maryland coastline above Ocean City is pretty built up and overrun. You can definitely find tacky. Delaware isn't much of a drive above Ocean City.

Also, inland towards Berlin, Maryland might be better. Very nice little town with history.

Me, I try to avoid the whole mess over in Ocean City. Good luck.