View Full Version : Polaroid Type 79

18-May-2007, 05:14
I have really liked the images I have seen others produce with this film, and have bought a stock to try and do some natural light portraits with. But have never used this specifically myself.

Any advice or tips on how to handle both the film and lighting for it much appreciated.
If I shoot anything half decent - promise to post the results :-)

David A. Goldfarb
18-May-2007, 05:43
If you're using natural light, be sure you have enough of it to keep the exposures short, or you'll get color shifts due to reciprocity.

Type 79 makes beautiful emulsion transfers. There are instructions on the Polaroid site and in a few other places on the net, and it's easier than most people think before they try it.

Gene McCluney
19-May-2007, 11:18
The main "issue" with Polaroid 79 is the green shift with longish exposures. Keep exposures short 1/30 sec. or shorter and you won't experience this.

19-May-2007, 11:45
Many thanks to you both - had not realized about the short exposure requirement.