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Brad Bireley
15-May-2007, 17:48
Just starting using my Burke & James 4x5 press a couple of weeks ago. 1st ever shooting large format! Out of 10 shots, I didn't pull out the dark slide on 2 of the shots & either I mislabeled or the lab developed the color film(2 shots) in b&w I don't know. But I got 4 shots out of 10! Anyway here are 2 of the shots. One is with HP-4 & the other is Agfa RSX-II 100.


Ed Richards
15-May-2007, 18:04
2 out of the first 10 is pretty good! Keep shooting.

Make a preshot checklist and run through it for the 100 shots or so, until it is second nature:

Close the lens preview lever
Set the shutter speed
Set the F stop
Write down the exposure info
Cock the shutter
Test fire the shutter (to make sure it is closed down, and to listen to see if the shutter speed is way off)
Cock the shutter
Pull the dark slide (from the right sheet)
Put the dark slide back, with dark side on the outside so you know the film is exposed
Pull out the film holder
Repeat until out of film, or light.:-)

15-May-2007, 19:23
Congratulations, Brad!

You're embarking on a costly, cumbersome, frustrating, totally addictive and rewarding way of life. ;-)


dominikus bw
16-May-2007, 16:57
congrats Brad, you did a grat jobs for 1st time...
there's always 1st time for everything, stay on your track...

Dominikus BW