View Full Version : Efke IR820 in a Harrison Film Tent??

Dave Aharonian
15-May-2007, 08:04
I just received a box of Efke IR820 in 5x7 (and some 120 for testing too) from Freestyle. I'm about to load some up and start testing it out when I realized that I want to use my Harrison tent out in the field with this film. Does anybody have any idea if this is a problem or not? I used to shoot lots of Kodak HIE but always loaded it in the darkroom which I no longer have. Any ideas if these tents are safe for IR films? Thanks!

Steve Kefford
16-May-2007, 04:48
I raised this issue with the manufacturers when I was considering this product. AFAICR, they said it should be ok, but still maintain the usual safeguards, i.e. only load in subdued light etc. I have no personal experience to support this.


Diane Maher
16-May-2007, 06:08
I load my Maco 820c IR/Kodak HIE film in a Harrison tent all the time, but I am at home when I do that. Have never had any problems with it. I have not tried the Efke or Rollei films yet.

Scott Rosenberg
16-May-2007, 09:21
ditto to what diane stated... i have loaded efke ir820 in my harrison tent at home and in the field without incident.

Dave Aharonian
16-May-2007, 13:57
Excellent news! Thanks for the info - its what I was hoping to hear.