View Full Version : filter size of 14" GD Dagor

26-Jun-1998, 19:23
Can anybody tell me what the filter thread size is for the Schneider 14"(355mm) f8 Gold Dot Dagor mted in Compur #3. It seems like its either 58mm or 60mm..tha nks

Ellis Vener
28-Jun-1998, 23:52
Mine looked like it needed a 60mm filter but the barrel wasn't really threaded to accept filters. Maybe Steve Grimes or another repairman specializing in LF ca n help.

29-Jun-1998, 14:42
I have an old 15" Turner and Reich convertible, and it has the same problem. I w rapped one layer of tape around the outside of the lens barrel. I can then slip my 67mm Cokin adapter ring over the lens barrel It is a tight fit, and has worke d well in this configuration. I have found that creativity in images and in equi ptment is important when you get into large format photography.

The lens barrel is the same o.d. on the front and back, so I can use the filter in front or in back.

Bruce M. Herman
30-Jun-1998, 02:55
I have the same lens, although mine is in a Compur shutter.

The filter size is 60 mm, not a common size. I suggest that you purchase a step -up ring, like a 60 to 62 mm or a 60 to 67 mm to get to a more usable filter siz e. The only place that I could find a step-up ring that started at 60 mm was in a used camera store.

Oh, by the way, if your lens is like mine, it will have a relatively low contras t. You'll find it easier to focus if you stop it down about 2/3 stop.