View Full Version : Polaroid Sheet film in Rome

13-May-2007, 11:53
I'm heading off to Italy this afternoon for a little over two weeks. Although I don't have much time to do any photography lately I still want to take some photos with my field camera and so I purchased a couple of boxes of Polaroid film, however I figure it is very likely that once I get there I am going to feel compelled to take more than a couple of photos a day. Does anyone know where in either Rome or Florence I can pick up some more 4x5 Polaroid sheet film? I currently have typ 59 and type 54 but I would be interested in other types also (but I don't have any ND filters so they would need to be rather low ISO) Is it going to cost me an arm in a leg more than what I am used to? (I normally order from B&H)