View Full Version : Mounting and framing a 16 x 20 color photo

Stephen Sample
12-May-2007, 15:20
I just had my Macchu Pucchi photo from a 4 x 5 transparency printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper and now need to mount and frame it. I have seen some photos mounted on a back that shows that the edge of the photo and then the mat is spaced out a bit from the photo edge and mounted on top of that backing and extends out to the frame. It appeared to be regular glass in the frame.

I am assuming that this was dry mounted or are there other ways? I want it to be archival quality. Also, I'll appreciate opinions of what is anyone's suggested or "usual standard " size of the distance between the photo edge and the mat, the mat width and the frame size and width for a 16 x 20 photo?

Can anyone suggest a good web site or book that discusses framing and mounting photos?

Thanks, Steve

12-May-2007, 18:25
I mount present my prints the way you describe. The distance from print to matt is your choice. Mine are 1/2" all the way around. Others make the bottom margin about 1" and the sides around 1/2". Frame size: 24x28 would look fine. I used plexiglass instead of glass as it's safer for the print and my paws. Careful, it scratches like butter. I mount fuji crystal archive paper using beinfang colormount in a mounting press. You could also use the 3M positionable adhesive that doesn't need a press but it's not cheap. Call whoever printed you work and ask them what the recommend.