View Full Version : Basic Repair Question on Sinar P-Series

9-May-2007, 18:28
I just got a Sinar P-Series. The knob that adjusts the height of the standard does not work on one of the standards. To make matters worse, I started adjusting the knob on the other standard to see how it operates and, unfortunately, it stopped working, too.

I took the camera to my local shop that deals in large format equipment. The person behind the counter told me to remove the rubber around the circumfirence of the knob and that there would be a allen key screw tensioner screw that I could adjust. I did as he said, but there is not a screw under the rubber.

Any ideas on this one? I cannot figure out how to remove the knobs or how the assembly comes apart. I realize that the gears may be stripped, but if there is a tensioner, I would like to try that first.

Any help anyone can provide would be..... well, .... helpful.


David A. Goldfarb
9-May-2007, 18:41
The gears for the rise are visible without opening anything up. Do they look stripped?

I haven't taken apart the rise mechanism on my P, but when I took apart the tilt/swing mechanism, it all seemed fairly straightforward. Just disassemble what you need to in a careful way, keeping track of all the screws and parts as you go, taking pictures if you need to.

To remove the rise and focus knobs, you may have to lift the covering on the face of the focus knob, but I'd start with the set screws.

Stan. L-B
10-May-2007, 06:28
It seems that your gear tracks are stripped. It may be possible to get the movement by easing the standard using both hands on the camera. The tracks are of nylon and are prone to get stuck following little or no use over a long period. I doubt if you will be able to renew the tracks without the necessary tools. A Sinar agent will make short work of the problem which should not cost an arm and a leg. I had my Sinar P1 serviced last year and they renewed the tracks FOC. The Sinar P is to my mind the finest in it's class, it just gets more weighty as one gets older! Good fortune.