View Full Version : Repairing a Rapax

8-May-2007, 14:20
I have a mint Busch Pressman D that has only 1 problem: slow, sticky shutter. It opens and closes as if it is moving in a vat of honey.

Can anyone recommend a good repair shop in the US that handles these old shutters? I was thinking of Mr Lustig but he's going on a trip til mid-June.

SHould I just dunk it in a bowl of alcohol first?

Jan Pedersen
8-May-2007, 14:29
Try Carol at http://www.flutotscamerarepair.com/
Does mirracles with sticky shutters.

8-May-2007, 15:31
I have heard good things about Paul Ebel, who comes recommended by Jim Andracki(Midwest Photo). (651) 335 8759

8-May-2007, 15:44

I've had Bill Moretz at Pro Camera in Charlottesville, VA work on countless shutters for me, in addition to all sorts of other esoterica.

I'd second the recommendation for Fluots too though. But Bill's a great guy to know.


Paul Fitzgerald
8-May-2007, 18:09

"SHould I just dunk it in a bowl of alcohol first?"

NO, you can shear the action pins on the aperture blades doing that.

Bob Gentile
9-May-2007, 14:43
Hard to imagine anyone doing a better job -- and at a better price -- than Carol Miller at Flutot's. In fact, I understand she's in line for a sainthood because of all the miracles Jan mentioned (above). :)