View Full Version : wide angle fresnel lens

Marko Trebusak
8-May-2007, 05:21
I'm experimenting with 58 mm lens, and actually I quite like it. But, although Arca Swiss GG-fresnel is a great combination for 135 mm and up, for such a wide angle it's terrible. What are third party solutions for this situation? I would like this combination for 58 to 80 mm lenses.


8-May-2007, 05:30
Bill Maxwell manufactures a wide angle lens fresnel. His normal length fresnel (which I have) also works for a 58mm lens (which I also have) although probably not as well as a specific version.

Contact information can be had here: http://www.mattclara.com/maxwell/

A warning - reserve lots of time if you call Bill. He loves to talk. And talk. And talk.... :D