View Full Version : Contact Printing: Maco, Forte Ilford..?

Matus Kalisky
8-May-2007, 01:34

I am about to order paper (fiber ONLY) and solutions for contact printing. I found that I can get a good deal ($8 for 100 5'x7' sheets) on "MACO expo RN fiber" paper and was wondering wheter the Ilford chemistry (multigreade developer, rapid fixer, ilfostop) would be OK.

Could you comment on the MACO papers?

What about the FORTE papers? They are also a bit cheaper than Ilford but as far as I understand they are no longer produced.

To make it more clear - my original plan was to go with ilfor FB paper (normal or warmtoned) together with ilford chemistry.

I do plane to use filters later to vary the contrast.

Any caveats?



8-May-2007, 04:56
The Forte products are no longer manufactured.

I have not used the Maco papers, but, as a general rule, one manufacturer's papers will work with another manufacturer's developer, etc., so you should be able to use the Maco paper with the Ilford chemicals. Since you can get the paper inexpensively, I'd recommend getting some and giving it a try. You'll either like the results, or you won't, and you can make a decision about further purchases.

Gene McCluney
8-May-2007, 14:52
For over 30 years I have developed ALL papers from ALL manufacturers in Kodak Dektol, stop bath, and Kodak Rapid Fixer (print dilution), and they all respond well. The chemicals for normal paper development are so standard as to not require anything special. More recently I have been using home-mixed Ansco 130 print developer, and it also has worked extremely well with all brands at my disposal. There are some developers intended for use with "warm tone" papers, and when used let the paper show a "warmer" tone than Dektol. If that is your desire, then you should consider those. But, as a general statement, ALL b/w photo-papers will develop in ALL b/w paper developers, stops, and fixers...your choice may be determined by availability to you, by economy or by convenience in mixing.

Gene McCluney
8-May-2007, 14:56
In regards Maco papers. Maco is a marketer, not a manufacturer. So is Bergger. All Maco and Bergger papers are made by others. Bergger was using primarily Forte for its products. Now Bergger will source material from another manufacturer. Maco has marketed paper made by Agfa, and what you are seeing may be the last of that being offered. It is probably good paper, as is the Bergger product.