View Full Version : Meniscus Lens Thread

william linne
7-May-2007, 22:34
A real man only needs one element,LOL!!!

8-May-2007, 01:01

+-300mm +-f3 on arca swiss 4x5 monorail. Exposure 4 seconds at f3 on paper negative (rated iso 10). The lens is a biconvex element from cheap loup (1 euro).

Sorry about the stains on the paper :s I'd like to try the lens on an 8x10, but don't have a suitable camera, and film is to epensive for me :s

9-May-2007, 16:55
harvested from a folder

11-May-2007, 11:12
shot with a meniscus and enlarged with the same lens ..

Jim Galli
12-May-2007, 08:40
Ford 85

Made with a little meniscus element that was laying around that I installed in a Copal 0 shutter. 5X7 camera.