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Pete Watkins
7-May-2007, 10:47
I understand that Classic Pan sheet film needs a hardening fixer. I can't find a formula for a D.I.Y. hardening fixer. Can anybody help?
best wishes,

Ron Marshall
7-May-2007, 11:37
Digitaltruth has a few formulas:


Add sulphuric acid to make it hardening

7-May-2007, 12:06
The Film Developing Cookbook (Anchell/Troop) contains formulas for a glutaraldehyde hardener and two acid hardeners (Kodak Fixers F-5 and F-6 made without sodium thiosulfate). Do you want any of these formulas? Actually, if you want I could scan the formulas and associated discussion and send them by e-mail.

JW Dewdney
7-May-2007, 12:33
That's not actually the case. I thought so as well. Please see this thread:


While the subject starts out SLIGHTLY off-topic for you... all the info is in there.

Pete Watkins
7-May-2007, 23:20
Many thanks for your help. I ordered The Film Developing Cookbook and The darkroom Cookbook from Amazon on Saturday, thanks for your offer r.e.
J.W. thanks for the guidance.
best wishes,