View Full Version : Macro vs non macro sinaron / sironar 180mm lenses

Former Member 8144
7-May-2007, 08:14
I have been looking for a used rodenstock apo sironar s 180mm F5.6 lens and have come across the macro version of this lens..it's actually a sinar macro sinaron se 5.6 and am wondering how this macro version compares to the non macro version.

I do not intend to do macro work but as I have not found any apo sironars used this may be a good opportunity.

Intended uses are mainly landscape, architectural work.

How would this macro lens compare to the apo sironar in terms of image quality and being badged sinar would it still have the same look as the rodenstock lenses?



Oren Grad
7-May-2007, 08:28
The Sinar-badged lenses are literally the same lenses as their Rodenstock counterparts. Some argue that the Sinar-labled product benefits from more rigorous selection for sample quality, but the Rodenstock-labeled Apo-Sironar-S lenses that I own are superb.

BUT: don't buy the 180 macro for general purpose use. Optical performance will be inferior to that of the Apo-Sironar-S outside the macro range. If you're going to the trouble of insisting on a premium lens for your purposes, you might as well hold out for the real thing.

Ted Harris
7-May-2007, 08:45
Not sure I agree with Oren regarding the opticalperformance but it will be no better than the S .... more importantly ... the coverage of the lens at infinity will be smaller than that of the S.

Former Member 8144
7-May-2007, 08:48
Cheers guys.

Usefull information..not what the seller from here wants to hear I'm sure but I do need to be getting the right lens for the job!


Scott Rosenberg
7-May-2007, 12:11
horses for courses, marc. i've got both and use the makro for close-up work and the regular for infinity work. both are blazingly sharp for how i use them. while i can say that i was not satisfied with using the normal sironar-s for close-up work (which was the impetus for my purchasing the makro lens), i can't say how the makro would perform at infinity, as i've never had the need to test. if you're buying the lens for regular shooting, i'd go with the normal sironar-s.

Former Member 8144
7-May-2007, 13:10
Thanks Scott.

By the way..great stuff on your website..and very informative also.