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6-May-2007, 18:37
Hi, my name's Phil Norval and I've finally taken the leap into large format. I thought I'd just post this message as I've just loaded my first film into it's holder and I'm pretty excited about using it tomorrow. Fingers crossed I remember what to do. Any tips for a novice would be much appreciated :)

Sheldon N
6-May-2007, 19:26
Welcome aboard, always good to have another LF shooter.

Don't forget to close the shutter before pulling the darkslide!

Donald Qualls
7-May-2007, 08:06
And vice versa, don't forget to put the darkslide back in before pulling out the film holder -- and remember to reverse it or otherwise keep track of which side of the holder you've exposed (it's annoying to shoot a double on one side and leave the other blank, though it's a mistake even Ansel Adams admitted to making occasionally).

7-May-2007, 09:52
Good luck, and have fun! Don't forget to breath :-)

John Kasaian
7-May-2007, 21:47
Welcome aboard! Make sure the notches on your film are in either the upper right or lower left corners when you load your holders! :)

kev curry
8-May-2007, 11:03
Lifes a journey not a destination..........enjoy the ride........:D

David Karp
8-May-2007, 11:08
Its great fun. Welcome aboard.

Ted Harris
8-May-2007, 11:22
Welcome to LF and welcome to the Forum.

8-May-2007, 13:34
I am also newbie on this forum.
I wish piece of luck to you :-)