View Full Version : Dry Mount Press removed tone

Gary L. Quay
6-May-2007, 04:50
Hi All,
I've had an unusual problem. Maybe someone here knows something about it. I used some J & C Polywarmtone FB paper, and toned it with selenium, which brings out a wonderful brown tone. Very rustic. When I dry mounted it, however, the brown disappeared. I had the press at 175 degrees, and used release paper like normal. The print was image side up to heighten gloss. Is this a problem with this specific paper? Or, is it a wider issue?


Gary Beasley
6-May-2007, 05:38
I've heard of this before in the Apug forums and I think it was the same paper and process. You might want to do a search of that forum as well as this one and see what turns up.

Colin Robertson
7-May-2007, 08:24
Ilford warn that heat drying prints can remove the colour obtained by toning- so, I'd guess heat mounting might do the same. Tried to paste a link for you but cant (sorry). Have a google; I found it by looking for 'heat damages selenium toned photograph'.