View Full Version : Hello From New Hampshire

5-May-2007, 17:43

I am 14 and I live in a small town in NH. I am moving away from the digital age and I love making photos the old fashioned way.

I am some-what new to LF photography. I started out borrowing an old press camera from my photography teacher. I just today bought a 4x5 Crown Graphic with it's case, some film 11 film holders and a shutterless lens (Rodenstock Apo-Graphigon). All for $250.

I actualy was wondering how I might go about hooking it up with a shutter.

Thanks so much, and I am looking forward to meeting and learning from you all.


Ted Harris
5-May-2007, 18:13
Well hi Colin, you are about the same age I was when I picked up my first Speed Graphic long long ago. As for mountin g the Graphigon in a shutter that is probably not such an easy task. However, if you are near my studio in Enfield send me and email and let's set a time for you to drop by and we can see what we can do.