View Full Version : Hanson Cycle-Select Film Agitator

4-May-2007, 11:11

Sorry about posting to the large format forum, but I've been to a
zillion different analog film forums and this one seems closest to
one that might be able to help me or send me in the right direction.

I have an old Hanson Cycle-Select film agitator that was invented
by a friend, Helmer Hanson. I'm interested in finding out more about
the device and maybe directions.

If you're not familar with the Cycle-Select, as I understand it,
it was used primarily to develop 35 mm film.
The film tank was placed in the clamping device,
turned on and it would automatically agitate the film for the desired
length of time at set intervals. No standing and watching the clock
in other words.

If you have any info or could point me in a direction, it would
be much appreciated.