View Full Version : Any experiences with a 75mm Goerz Rectagon?

John Schneider
3-May-2007, 14:08
I bought one of these a while back, and I've been dying to try it. I wanted something light and compact for my backpacking kit, and wider than a 90 Angulon.

However, the standards on my camera (an extensively-reworked 4x5 Gowland Pocket View) don't come close enough to permit focusing at infinity, and the shutter (a Rapax) is too big to drop into a Linhof recessed board. Before I go to the trouble and expense of remounting it in a Copal or machining a custom recessed lensboard, I wanted to hear from the collective wisdom of the forum about the properties of this lens, so I can decide which route to go to make it usable. Thank you all in advance.

Mark Tweed
3-May-2007, 21:53
John, I purchased this same lens about 10 years ago primarily for its compact size and lightness. I wanted a wide angle for backcountry use and the Rectagon fit the bill. It's a surprisingly sharp lens and light fall off is minimal. A center filter is not necessary for this lens in my opinion. There's plenty of room for movements for my needs. There's no smaller 75mm lens, new or old with this coverage. Highly recommended.


Sven Schroder
4-May-2007, 01:53
Hi John

I have a gowland pocket the shortest flange to film distance I can get is 54mm and the widest lens I've used is a 65mm cooke VIIb, I simply move the tripod block behind the two standards. On compact wides like the rectagon the flange to film distance is short than say a Super Angulon. For example a 75mm Super Angulon flange to film is
82mm my 7.5cm F9 Zeiss Dagor its 62mm. I don't know what mods your gowland's gone through but it should be possible, Oh the 7.5cm F9 Zeiss Dagor comes in at 65gm in a 00 shutter its tiny.