View Full Version : How to search users in my area?

2-May-2007, 17:12
Is there a way on this forum to search for members in my area (if they filled out location in their profile?)

Thanks - Steve

Dave Jeffery
1-Aug-2007, 04:00
I can't provide the answer you need but I can say that if you eventually find them on your local area network that some of us in North America respectfully refer to that as " The LAN Down Under"

Have Fun and good Luck!

Ralph Barker
1-Aug-2007, 06:22
There's no convenient way for members to search for the location of other members, as far as I can tell. The search function examines the content of the posts, whereas the member's location is filled in from the member record in a different database table.

In the past, others have posted a query looking for members in their area to achieve that objective.

Michael Wynd
3-Sep-2007, 16:38
G'day Steve
My name's Mike and I live down the road from you in Geelong. There are a few other lf users in Melbourne who also use this forum and also APUG. Welcome to the best thing since sliced bread.

Louie Powell
3-Sep-2007, 17:04
Try this: http://www.frappr.com/largeformatphotography