View Full Version : Efke "tropical"?

Claude Sapp
2-May-2007, 12:31
What does the "tropical" printed on the packaging of my Efke film refer to? Maybe it tastes fruity? I should have ordered their "arid" product for use here in Nevada...

Seriously though, "tropical"? Special packaging, special emulsion, or what?

Jim Noel
2-May-2007, 13:36
If it is the same as other films in the past it means it is packed with more insulation, or, in some cases, the emulsion has received more hardening.

Gene McCluney
2-May-2007, 15:15
In cameras, "Tropical" used to mean that the cameras were made from materials that would stand up to hot humid climates without breaking down. Many manufacturers sold versions of their leather-covered wooden cameras without the leather covering, because that would mold and mildew in such climates.

In film, it either means one of two things, 1. the film emulsion has been hardened to withstand higher temperatures, or 2. the emulsion has been treated with stronger fungicides to prevent mold and fungus growth. Gelatin is a nice medium for many organisms to grow in.

8-May-2007, 09:23
Efke is definitely not hardened. It is one of the softest emulsions out there. I assume tropical means that it can be stored at tropical temperatures.

13-May-2007, 12:49
I have an old photographic formulas book with a chapter called "tropical developers". Those are developers more suitable for temperatures like 25 C. Maybe the Efke film is also of a kind intended to be developed in higher temperatures.