View Full Version : Carl Meyer graphic arts lenses?

Gene McCluney
2-May-2007, 09:47
I know the name Carl Meyer was the "house" brand of Burke and James for its relabeled surplus optics. As I understand it, these were usually ex-German optics acquired as a sort of "spoils of war" kind of deal. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Many people have said that any lens labeled Carl Meyer is trash. I was wondering, though...

I have a Carl Meyer 17" f10 process lens. It looks good. has been coated. I wonder what it could possibly have been, and whether it might be worth trying?

Ole Tjugen
2-May-2007, 09:51
Any lens is worth trying!

Who knows, they may accidentally have put a lens together correctly? If not, sometimes "trash" can be useful too...

Dan Fromm
2-May-2007, 10:54
Second Ole's motion. You have it, you know your standards better than any of us possibly can. So ask the lens if it good enough for you to use.