View Full Version : Nikkor 65mm f4.5 ???

kevin kelly
1-May-2007, 19:27
Hi guys and gals, whats a reasonable asking price for a Nikkor 65mm SW f4.5. I have the dreaded 120mm f8 Super Angulon and I'm looking for something a bit wider!

kevin kelly
1-May-2007, 19:48
In my haste I forgot to mention that the lens is used.

JW Dewdney
1-May-2007, 21:24
Well - brand new ones with a warranty are about 650 at B&H.

1-May-2007, 22:34
I saw many recently on that auction site; just search for completed items. Isn't it f/4.0 though ?

Last few got $400 (reserve not met), $530, $535, $635, $456. So they are all over.

Eric James
1-May-2007, 22:46
Does anyone know if the IC of the Nikon is appreciably greater than the other modern 65mm lenses? The Nikon 65mm IC at f16 is quoted as 170mm (this from the Ebony Camera website: http://www.ebonycamera.com/articles/lenses.html ) The Fuji SWD f5.6 @f22 is 169, and the Rodey and Schneider lenses are about equal to the Fuji, as reported.

Per Madsen
2-May-2007, 05:22
It covers 4" * 5" with some movements.

A price of 550 USD to 700 USD depending on wear, original lens covers and
original box is normal.

Ed Richards
2-May-2007, 07:02
I think the image circle is conservative, at least stopped down to F22 or greater. I was surprised at how much movement I could get, but I do use black and white, so I might not see the fall off.

Ted Harris
2-May-2007, 07:09
As noted the price new at B&H is 670. Given that a dealer will charge ~ 80% of new for a lens in pristine condition you should charge something on the order of 10-15% less for a private sale or 435 to 470 .... all this assumingit is in like new condition and has both the original caps.