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1-May-2007, 00:16
Hello all...

Although I've visited this forum before, I just recently joined and began reading it regularly, so I thought I'd introduce myself. This is a great place--lots of expertise, and a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

I am a recently retired teacher (high school mathematics), and I've been involved with photography at what I guess would be called the serious amateur level since shortly after I graduated from college in 1971. For most of that time, most of my work has been black and white landscapes and cityscapes. I usually use a 4x5 camera, and sometimes an 8x10. Since I retired, I've had much more time to put into photography--e.g., one or two darkroom sessions a week rather than one every two or three months.

Most of my camera and darkroom equipment is 20+ years old, and I haven't paid much attention to keeping current. While I don't feel particularly constrained by the equipment I use, I'm looking forward to learning enough from this forum to upgrade where it makes sense, and to improve my working methods. While I've been at it for quite a while, there seem to be many on this forum who know much more than I do, so I'm sure I'll be posting a lot of questions.

Gordy Bushaw
Silverdale, WA

1-May-2007, 01:44
Welcome, Gordy!

Seems like 20+ year old equipment just doesn't sound that old anymore!


Pat Kearns
1-May-2007, 10:32
20+ years.... you've got one of those new fangled camera. I just started shooting with a 5x7 that will reach it's 100th Birthday next year. It's a blast to use. Of course, I try to look for something that's at least 100 years as well. Welcome to the group.

Benno Jones
1-May-2007, 13:18
*waves in the direction of Silverdale from Seattle* Hi!

Colin Graham
1-May-2007, 16:08
And another wave from the Olympic peninsula. Welcome to the forum Gordy

Doug Herta
1-May-2007, 16:58
Hi Gordy!

Greetings from Seattle as well. I look forward to your participation. There are some great folks here.


John Berry
7-May-2007, 22:56
Greetings from Renton. I'm over to Bremerton most weekends Drag Racing.

Andy Eads
8-May-2007, 08:33
Greetings from the dry side - Richland

8-May-2007, 18:26
Here in the Mill Creek area.

Uri Kolet
8-May-2007, 19:38
Welcome from Vancouver, in the Canadian Rockies, Regards, Uri

12-May-2007, 17:16
Ditto from Enumclaw.


dominikus bw
16-May-2007, 17:10
Welcome to LF Gordy.
I believe you'd have a lot experience for the past 30 years.
We're all here learning & sharing together to makes things better especially in LF

Dominikus BW