View Full Version : Bellows Repair

sheldon hambrick
25-Jun-1998, 12:57
I'm in the process of referbusing an old Crown Graphic. The bellows has some ho les that were previously repaired. Whoever made this repair did a pretty good j ob on the inside of the bellows, but used good ol silver duct tape on the outsid e.

I'd like to know what would be the best material to use to re-patch the outside of the bellows. While thinking about it, I figured that I could cut the same se ction from an junker Graphic (or similar sized bellows) and overlay it. Any ide as, suggestions?


Belden Lee Fodran
29-Jun-1998, 03:26
I would just replace the whole thing, go to web site Flex Products, they can custom fit a new bellows for your camera, They are at http://www.flexproducts.co m Good luck

Peter Hughes
16-Aug-1998, 22:13
Black silicone bathtub caulk works very well for patching bellows. It remains fl exible and can be easily removed, if necessary.